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QccPackSPECK - QccPack module for SPECK encoding and decoding


QccPackSPECK is an optional module for the QccPack library that provides encoding and decoding of images using the Set-Partitioning Embedded Block (SPECK) algorithm.


image encoding using the SPECK algorithm
decode header for SPECK image decoding
image decoding using SPECK algorithm


code an image using the SPECK algorithm
decode and image using the SPECK algorithm
code an image using the 3D-SPECK algorithm
decode and image using the 3D-SPECK algorithm


QccPackWAV(3) , QccPack(3)

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Copyright (C) 1997-2016 James E. Fowler


The Set-Partitioning Embedded Block (SPECK) algorithm is protected by US Patent #6,671,413 (issued December 30, 2003) and by patents pending. An implementation of the SPECK algorithm is included herein (utility programs speckencode and speckdecode, and speck.c in the QccPack library) with the permission of Dr. William A. Pearlman, exclusive holder of patent rights. Dr. Pearlman has graciously granted a license with certain restrictions governing the terms and conditions for use, copying, distribution, and modification of the SPECK algorithm implementation contained herein. Specifically, only use in academic and non-commercial research is permitted, while all commercial use is prohibited. Refer to the file LICENSE-SPECK for more details.

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